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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Catherine Baker, who was born in Columbus, Ohio on October 18, 1951 and passed away on April 20, 2005 at the age of 53.  

Cathy was a graduate of Capital University.  She was a teacher at Harmon Elementary School.  Cathy was a member of Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio.  

Her life was
 a living testament of God's love.  She was a blessing and a gift to everyone around her.  We will remember and love her forever.  

"My Purpose" written by Cathy
My purpose in living- to know Christ and to make Him known.
My purpose in suffering- to show Christ strong.
My purpose in dying- to be ushered into His very presence and stay there forever.

Prayer written by Cathy:

Dear God,
Because I know You through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ Your word tells me that I belong to You as Your Child (John 1:12). I believe according to Your Word, that You will do everything in my life for my eternal good and for Your glory (Rom. 8:28). And so, because I trust You to be perfect in Your dealings with me, I make total surrender of my life to You (Rom. 12:1,2).

I give to You every personal desire that I have for my life. If You choose to give me the Privileges of long life and good health, then I will use those gifts to honor Your name. I will not ask for those privileges unless You would see fit to give them to me for Your glory (Ps. 31:15). If You deem it wise to give me that which seems less than perfect to me in my humanness, then it is my intent to trust You for those things that I cannot understand. I thank You for working out Your plan for my life so that I will be conformed to the image of the precious Lord Jesus Christ. I will depend upon You to give me grace to always glorify You in the midst of whatever You choose for me (Rom. 8:29). It is my intent not to resent anything that You allow to come into my life, even when I can't see what You are intending for tomorrows (Prov. 3:5/6).

Along with the apostle Paul, I would express before You my desire that Christ be magnified in my body, whether by life or by death (Phil. 1:20,21). Lord Jesus I need You to keep me true to this commitment and to show me immediately when I deviate from it. (Ps. 139:23,24). Because of Your Perfect trustworthiness I trust You completely (Ps. 18:30).

In Jesus' Name Amen

Signed Cathy Baker

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Tributes and Condolences
My Role Model   / Josh Baker (Son)
Mom I have tried to be just like you ever since you past.  I really want to make you proud of who I am.  You are my role model.  I only wish I could be an influence in as many lives as you were.  I know you are always watching ove...  Continue >>
I love you mom   / Jason Baker (son)
I love you so much mom and I miss you so much.  I am finally getting through school and I wish you were here for me to tell you everything that I am getting done.  I have got my associates and certification to be a physical therapist aid.&n...  Continue >>
My Mother   / Hoyt Jason (Son)
As we all know we will never love any one in our lifes as much as we do our mother.  I pray every night hoping that I will meet someone that is half the person that she was.  I also ask for this of myself because she was the most amazing pe...  Continue >>
In Honor of Her   / Jen (daughter)
Many things have happened since mom went home to be with God.  I often think… “I wish Mom were here for this”… or … “I really wish I could tell Mom what just happened”… or… “I...  Continue >>
Happy Birthday!   / Megan Halsey (Niece)
I think about you so much. I hope that I can live my life the way you did. Everyday in Faith, Love and in God's blessings. You taught me so much, and I try to lead my life in your example. I know you are having a wonderful time celebrating in God's p...  Continue >>
My Best Friend  / Jen (Daughter)    Read >>
My Hero  / Jen (Daughter)    Read >>
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Her legacy
Dedication Ceremony and Remembrance Speeches  
On October 18, 2005, there was a bench dedicated to my mom at Harmon Elementary School where she taught.  At the dedication ceremony four children gave remembrance speeches.  They are copied in her legacy so if you get a chance check them out.
How I Became Excellent- by Sara Harper
Making Learning Fun- by Altonique Taynor
One Special Person- by Billy Beach
A Forgiving Teacher- by Adrian Negron
The fourth grade students then sang "This Little Light of Mine."
Uncompromising Faith  

My mom had countless remarkable attributes.  One of these was her uncompromising faith.  She loved the Lord.  She loved sharing her love for the Lord with others.  It seems as if she was everyone’s prayer partner.  She was definitely mine.  Everyday of her life was a living testament of her faith.  She loved to worship.  She had a worshiper’s heart.  I put some worship songs in the Audio folder that were dear to her.  She loved singing Testify to Love by Avalon with me.  It was one of her all time favorite songs.  She always sang the tenor part while I sang soprano.  It was so cute!  I bet she has the most beautiful voice now.  She would always encouraged me to have intimate quiet time with the Lord as well.  She would say, “Be still and quiet yourself before the Lord.  Listen to His still small voice". 

She would always tell me “Jen speak positively.  Out of your mouth comes blessings and curses.”  Even when the cancer was eating away at her body she never spoke negatively.  She only spoke of her healing and her testimony.  She did not receive an earthly healing but I believe that she received the ultimate healing.  She has no pain now and she is free to worship.  I know that it is hard to keep your faith from wavering especially  when you loose someone you love so dearly.  I try to think of my mom every time my faith starts to falter. 

Mom- Thank you for being an astounding model of faith for so many, including me.    Jen

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